flash return

No problem!
You have 15 days to return your order.
Returns have a cost of €5.00, they are shipping costs that are deducted from your voucher, in the event that you placed the order and had the free shipping costs, they will also be deducted from the amount of your voucher, for example: (order of €50 returning it we will give you a bonus of €40 because we deduct €5 from the first shipment and €5 for your return shipment)
You can send to our address in Barcelona.
The steps to follow are:
Who are in Spain and have a printer, manage your exchange or return here:
In 3 simple steps ( MANAGEMENT EXPENSES €5.00 )
If you do not have a printer : You must return the items you wish to return to our office.
In the package, you must include a note with your full name and order number beginning with # .
The shipping address is:
You can use the shipping service of your choice freight prepaid, but it is important that you take pictures of the receipt/ticket in case there is a problem.
You have 15 days from the day you received the order.
2. Once the package arrives at our office, we will verify the status of the product, we will send you a voucher created especially for you, to your email.
It will not have an expiration date.
You can use it in a single purchase.
If you wish to make an exchange, you can reorder with the correct size or item using the voucher .
In case you need an urgent change, do not hesitate to contact us at info@miarebel.com and we will organize a quick solution.